Investment Philosophy

We view our investors as partners and invest alongside them in every product we offer. Our conservative investment approach allows us to protect and grow client wealth, under diverse market conditions and over the long term. With a focus on downside protection, we’ve outperformed during downward cycles and are strategically positioned to take advantage of growth cycles.


We know we can’t do it all. While we’ve developed sophisticated research methods in-house, we also collaborate with other managers and investment professionals. These partners are carefully selected through due diligence, ensuring that we work with the top industry professionals around the world. Among our partners are local players in New York investing in loans to finance real estate projects, in the UK investing in bridge loans and another in the UK investing in closed-end funds (at a discount to NAV), just to illustrate few. This allows us to focus on what we know best and work with other experts to provide comprehensive, professional service.


How confident are we in our investment decisions? We always invest together with our clients.

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