Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investing is comprised of acknowledging our strengths (e.g. alternative investments, fixed income) and knowing how to find the world’s most talented investment managers where we do not have the expertise (such as China equity). Here, we add significant value by providing unique access in an efficient and transparent manner.


We perform in-depth evaluation and research about the merits of each investment opportunity before we take any investment decision, and we are independent of any financial institution. Understanding and managing downside risks is paramount to our assessment of investment opportunities. Finally, we will not accept new investor capital into our funds if we do not feel confident that this capital can be invested effectively.


We offer a selection of investment classes via our funds, and each fund has its own investment objective and risk/reward profile:


Fixed Income funds include portfolios of bonds with attractive yields, and typically with a short duration. They aim to provide income (accumulating and/or distributing) and capital growth. We combine a bottom-up fundamental analysis through a deep understanding of issuer characteristics, underlying collateral, industry and competitive landscape with a top-down analysis connecting macro outlooks with portfolio positioning.


Equity funds offer a means of participating in some of the world’s most exciting stock markets. They focus mostly on long-term capital growth. Our fundamental equity strategy combines bottom-up research and macro-economic analysis, while our quant-based strategies combine deep and ongoing research with extensive market experience. 


Alternative Investments funds provide access to a portfolio of skilled managers and investment strategies on a global basis. They aim to achieve long term capital appreciation with a low correlation to the markets. Having invested in the alternative investment space for decades, we have strong sourcing capabilities allowing us to identify uncorrelated managers providing the best risk/reward. 


Special Situations funds take advantage of market dislocation and focus on distressed opportunities offering high yields.